Painesdale Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensary Reviews in Painesdale, MI

  • The 8s weight was 4g but thick inner stems and a few leaf stems was anoyying to pick thru could have been trimmed better, expecally being from a business! But all together quick clean between harvest as a last resort!

    Fred F. reviewed 4Strain
  • Top notch. They have new regular now. Quality, quality, quality!

  • smooth and easy and right on time.

  • Speedy and easy delivery. I really appreciate it. It’s just way overpriced. All the meds are the same price. A gram is 15 and 3.5 grams is $52. That would be doable if the flower wasn’t way below that quality. I ordered lemon crack and sour strawberry. The lemon crack was worth maybe $25 1/8 and the strawberry was worth maybe 30-30 an 1/8, based on dispensary prices. I also didn’t get a free gift for being a first time patient. Maybe they don’t do that, but that would be the first.

  • Are you celling recreation now ?

  • I've had my med card 6 years and thoroughly sampled dispensaries in every region of our state. I only buy wide varieties of top shelf flower. I'm not into concentrates but I sample edibles. Not only does Elite have more top shelf strain options (dozens) than anyone else in the state...the sheer volume of their supply that you are confronted with gives you a true "kid in a candystore" effect! I currently travel from Grand Rapids to Flint to buy from Elite because the quality there is what makes it medicine. I could go on and on about great staff, short wait times, items for sale in the shop, etc...but I would rather let you experience it for yourself!

  • I am happy to have Cloverland in Daggett, we used it for the first time yesterday, we bought a half ounce for $200, which I though was steep but   it's available so I'm not complaining about price.  My complaint is that when I got home and weighed the four packets it came in each one was a half gram short.   So instead of 16 grams for $200 we ended up with only 14 grams.  Given that they sell a gram for $20 and no break on quantity that's $40 they shorted me.   I think next time I'll try the shop in Iron Mountain.

  • the tribe has the most fire bud i have had in my life no cap. that sunshine #4 goes harder than ever

  • Great products helpful staff allways come back

  • Hollywood is the gold standard in this business. Staff, product, service, knowledge! Repeat customer x10

  • Hi guys ur the best 😎🙋😈

  • Are u going to be selling recreational marijuana come dec 1st .

  • He has an amazing product and really cares about quality. The flower is top notch and the cookies which he makes himself are done of the best edibles I’ve had. Taste nothing like eating bud. Careful though, they are potent.

  • Worst weed I have ever bought in my life. Brutal, I don’t even know what to do with this garbage Oz

    msorisho reviewed 4twenty
  • Where can you buy recreational weed in Michigan?

  • Nicely appointed facility. Dispensary rooms are quiet & clean. Bud tenders are helpful and non-judgemental

  • Beautiful plants! Keep getting better and better! See you again soon

  • Great selections! Thanks guys!

  • How would I get a medical card and what is the cost

  • Amazing bud great delivery time


  • Great place to try a variety of different forms of medication. Nice array of options and nice selection of wax!

  • This place has been closed for almost 2 years.

  • Every time I’ve dealt with A2, top notch! Friendly people and super great meds..

  • Kathy is a fantastic budtender. Knows her stuff. Great meds people. Come check them out.

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