Petoskey Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensary Reviews in Petoskey, MI

  • I can't order without med card?:((( I'm sick without weed🙄

  • Amazing! Thank you

  • Had blue dream delivered. Was delivered in a timely manner and the driver was friendly. The herb was not dried and obviously not cured properly, the manicure was not the best and was full of seeds. A few seeds here and there is no big deal. hermaphroditic flowers can and do happen however, Out of this half ounce I pulled out 30 seeds! The plants are being stressed somehow(light leak,extreme temperature etc..) causing the hermaphroditic flowers. on top of all that, it's not very potent herb. I'd estimate it at about 10% THC content and that's is being generous. So taking all those factors into consideration I have to give low stars on price quality and knowledge. For the price, which is pretty standard for this area, I was disappointed. Nothing personal just an honest review.

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