Dispensary Reviews in Saugatuck, MI

  • Great friendly staff!! Knowledge is power and they are fantastic!! I sent them a picture of the front and back of my Medical card and ID to there email! They got me in same day!! I will be coming back!! Great quality!! I like the fact you have to call and set up an appointment time. I get the one on one that I need! Thank you all again. Keep it up!!!

  • Great friendly staff!! Very knowledgeable!! Thank you all!!

  • Hey was coming here whats up Tim

  • We need buyers for our killer weed we got cards and grow it hidrow. Star

  • The phone number is wrong

  • Really helpful people.good product.

  • Bad phone #

  • I currently live in subsidized housing and am not allowed to consume medical marijuana on or off the property where I live. If I get caught I will receive a 30 day eviction notice! But enough about me! I have visited Andrew once and called him on the phone just the other day and he is always kind and courteous to my current situation even though I've never purchased MM from him or anybody else. He seems very knowledgeable about laws and MM. And from what I've read about the preceding reviews I just wanted to take this time to give him a 5* rating for his professionalism. This guy is the real deal!

  • Been a patient /customer for a year its the best place to go.

  • Why is it closed. I meet all the requirements cancer, anxiety ,depression, bypolar,fibromyalgia,chronic pain 4 herniated disc , arthritis and can't bearl walk. Can someone help me I here it's legal don't want to do it if not. 616 594 9316 thank you kindly

  • Very disappointed, Larry was disrespectful first off, second, the medicine smelled like hay, Yes he had a lot of options, but when you are charging top dollar for Meds, I expect it to smell good. Everything smelled horrible. Also bought some hash to come home to find out it tastes just like resin, it was hard, and black. Very disappointed !

  • Pure west is a great place to buy all your marijuana medical needs. If they don't have what you need, they can try to get it for you. A very clean, polite place to do business !

  • Great job guys keep up the good work

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