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    This place is "Da' Bomb"! As soon as I walk in I feel all my ailments fading away. It's not just about the medicine, but rather how passionate the herbalists are at R. Greenleaf. I have always come away from there satisfied and taken care of. Staff, store, stuff A++++! They have always been consistent and show compassion for all the patients. I recommend this Dispensary to anyone wanting relief from pain, anxiety and fear. I walk out of there thinking "No circus, no trauma, no fear!" Love you guys and gals at R. Greenleaf, see you soon.

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    I wanted to share an experience I recently had with Medzen/R.Greenleaf. I've worked with a few different medical cannabis businesses however this one has left a sour taste in my mouth. The cannabis business is the minority we should be bringing each other up standing together to change the state laws so we can see it not only be legalized here but also flourish. It's sad that I have heard employees bashing others for having businesses outside of the state when this company has done the same. Not only do they bash other dispensaries but in my opinion they have very little respect for each other as well. When upper management calls their retail staff the grunts it shows how little respect they have for each other, it's sad.
    I had an interview to move into a very similar position as I have previously worked where I was told I was qualified but what would determine wether or not I would get the position is if i was liked, I needed to become friends with the lead because she's very territorial.
    I didn't know it was legal to make being someone's friend a prerequisite for a job. In the future I plan on being a business owner and I want the most qualified experienced workers on my team. I would imagine that's what any good business looking to thrive would want. Two weeks later I received a phone call telling me my interview went well and I was liked. The third week I received a phone call from the owners daughter who told me the position was filled.
    In my opinion from my experience this corporation cares more about hierarchy then anything else. They are lucky to have good store managers that have been able to paint a good picture for the community to see.

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