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    This Place Rocks!
    I've been to almost all the producers in the state and Medzen has the best around in both meds and edibles. I have never had problem with weight, they always weigh over so maybe the person who had trouble should check their scales. If you want the best head to Rio Rancho.

    Thanks everyone at Medzen you ROCK!

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    Best Meds in New Mexico
    I started going to Medzen when they opened their office. I have found the best thing going in New Mexico. The medication is always of top quality and Medzen is consistant. You get top grade everytime you go in. The staff will go that extra yard to help you get the best medication for your ailments. I have had one of the producers spend well over an hour with me explaining how to use my vaporizer to get the best results. Every staff member is knowledgable in every area. If I have a question I have never left without an answer or a call back the same day. They have the best edibles I have ever used. The potency is dead on. If they say two to four doses that is what you get and they taste great. Thanks Medzen you gals and guys are awesome. Also thank you for what you do for so many patients. Keep up the great work!!!!

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    that last lady (klovisk) is drunk!
    that place is the shit! they have the best edibles i have ever had and the staff is well educated and extremely friendly. office is discrete and professional. one of the only places in the state i will go. AND THEY HAVE HASH OIL! whats not to love? check out their E.S.D. its a great sativa/indica cross.

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