Carroll Dispensary Reviews

  • Super nice people and very helpful for newbies! Prices are highish but its well worth it!!!

  • I love this place..... it's the only one i go to..... the people are wonderful!!!! the flower is superb...... the price is Great!!!! I Love the fact they remember who you are rather quickly Awesome staff

  • We used to be very loyal customers, loved their friendly service. But now they're under "new management" which has changed the place for the worse, eliminating discounts, refusing to give product info over the phone when they always did so in the past .... they're apparently focused more on their own bottom line rather than on their customers.... now they've lost us as customers.

  • Beautiful facility with a knowledgeable, caring staff. Good variety of products.

  • Very friendly

  • Terrsana in Springfield is the best dispensary I have been to! (I have been to several) The staff are all knowledgeable and kind. The wait is never over ten minutes when I have been there. (Only one- usually I have no wait)

  • Great place! Wedding cake was fire 🔥

  • Great location, superb flower, plenty of top notch strains, friendly staff, quick service, which suits my busy schedule. My go-to dispensary in the Dayton area!

  • The people here are extremely nice and helpful and the prices are awesome unlike some of the other places I’ve been to that seem to over charge

  • They or super nice people. But there prices or so high its unreal.

  • Great customer service. Clean Secure

  • Be careful how they put your info into their system or they will get you flagged by the state.

  • I went here because The Botanist screwed up when putting my new information into their system therefore creating 2 profiles. The next time that I went to the botanist they wouldn't serve me do to the state flagging me for this. I called Zen Leaf thinking that they had done this because I had registered as a new patient with them online, however, I had not purchased anything from them, so they did not send anything to the state yet. So, it wasn't them. They called me back right away and explained it right away while I was still at the other place waiting. Zen Leaf said that they could still help me, cause they are some smart people....... LOL.... However, The Botanist said there was nothing they could do until the state fixed it. So... I walked right out of their door and headed to the Zen Leaf and I am so happy that I did. They are a bunch of extremely helpful folks, way more than the other place. The other didn't explain anything to me really. I basically found out on my own. They are

  • I love this place the weed is great it's high but it's gone get low

  • Great Experience!! Very helpful staff❤️

  • The experience that I get at Arizona dispensaries Grandview is very remarkable they explain everything to you they talk to you and they treat you like family it was my birthday they stop everything that they were doing and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me it meant more to me than they would ever know thank you terrasana you're awesome

  • Really Nice people. Very helpful! Not Rushed

  • Best Doctors ,very informative ,took time to explain how and why medical marijuana can help deal with chronic pain and other conditions.. Being older I had a lot of misconceptions on the topic. This has been an amazing experience.. I'm not as dependent on pain meds that just kept me knocked out. Now I'm able to maintain my pain and address it immediately, instead of waiting until the meds to go into effect. Medical marijuana has been life game changer.

  • Was very satisfied with my budtenders they were helpful and polite. Quality of my purchase was right on... I do feel some prices are to high, the edibles that I puchased ... But didn't stop me from purchasing😯. I will return!

  • Hurry up and open.😊

  • It's been open. Good security from and back to your vehicle.

  • This place is open. Great location. Flower was priced as expected.

  • Been here twice. Flower is a little more moist and sticky than other dispensaries. Knowledgeable and fun people work here. Prices are coming down.

    RISE - Toledo
  • It looks like a vacant building. No people are there during the day working on it.

  • Small selection. Prices ridiculous.

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