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  • Just got my 4 plants today. Looking awesome and healthy as F_ck. It did take 7 days for delivery but I just waited 10 for shoes from footlocker so not to bad. I spoke to the owner several times and he got back to me with any questions I had. This was the only location for several of the plants I got and I'm 100% happy. Thanks guys.

  • Total frauds. Ripped me off. Won't deliver my clones. Won't refund my money and won't answer calls texts or emails.

  • This place is a scam. Check the reviews that are 1 star or the negative reviews. The positive reviews are fake. You will never recieve your order from this site. Do not waste your time.

  • Horrible think twice before doing business with these fellows. I was shorted 9 grams for an Oz that was bought and they charged me a fee for delivery after their driver showed up 2 hours late.

  • Exceptional service in getting same day delivery as well as amazing kush. Look forward to more goods! :)

  • Your company is terrific.Helped me with all my questions and always get my orders right.Excellant products..Appreciate all you do.Thankyou

  • Good customer service and good buds

  • Do not order from Mind Shatter! They took my money & I never received my order. When I questioned them they called me a liar. I even requested proof that they sent my order to the correct address and they refused. Nor would they own a ticket with Canada Post.

  • So damn close to the border/ casino and skywheel! My order was ready in minutes and they text you when your order is ready for pickup. Staff was very friendly too, will definitely be back!

  • Excellent quality gummies for my tummies. Great experience and 10/10 will order again.

  • Very professional and knowledgeable. Service was price where amazing, and a very speed delivery. Definitely well be ordering again!!!

  • First Time using this site as I've always used WM. I checked a few deliveries but ended up with this company. Great company, decent prices, medium quality buds (Dont get me wrong I bought their cheapest Bud) but overall with the cost and extras they gave. 10/10!!! at a time of need these guys gave so much lol. Well I'm happy you guys answered and thanks again!

  • Very great people got lots of options for whatever you want. For sure gonna b coming back

  • Have been using these guys as my "go to" for over a year now. Great experience every time. Troy and his staff make me feel like im a winner on every visit.

  • free delivery for oz +

    Go Green
    Joe M. reviewed Go Green
  • The hawaaiian is not good. Dont advise any person to buy it. Small shake buds. Really

  • Do not waste your time ordering anything from this place. I placed an order over 6 hours ago and it still has not shown up and it’s 11:00pm? It closed over 2 hours ago😡 I even sent them another text asking what the eta is on my order after 3 hours and they tell me it’s on the way🙄 yet here I sit 6 hours waiting and still nothing. They say they’re under new management 😂 this place is a joke and have no idea how to run a business I will be telling them to shove that stuff up their a** if it ever shows up here. Never had this issue before except for this crappy place. If I could give less stars I would there is to many places on weed maps to put up with this crap.STAY AWAY PEOPLE

  • 2017 I started buying online and found this dispensary and was glad I did, I bought exclusively from them. Great service, prices and product. Last year to 18 months weird shit started happening, every once in a while you'd order and they'ed take your money and then zilch no emails, no phone calls, nothing. When you did get a hold of them and asked why they'd apologize and say they were broken into and some employees left but everything is ok now. Same story every time, done with these guys too undependable.

  • The best buds, speedy delivery and excellent customer service!!!

  • Great buds!! A life saver when you're running low.

  • Wow these guys are incredibly fast with delivery and have awesome grades ! Definitely recommend

  • How do I place an order for delivery?

  • Snowdizzle from them is tumping !!! Chronic great kush

  • Fresh new flowers available AAAA IS worth the price

  • Consistent weed good high Chekitout !!!

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