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Marijuana Doctor Reviews in Madoc, ON

  • Best deal ever on death bubba at $120 a zip! Smooth clean smoke and definitely gets you high AF! I recommend to anyone looking for a reliable / affordable source for quality buds online.

  • Fast xpress Delivery within Canada

  • My buddy recommended this site, I was skeptical at first and have never ordered bud online before, to be honest I wouldn't have tried if he hadn't sworn by this site. Ordered an ounce of Death Bubba with a promotional free gram of shatter for 120$+20$ rush shipping, which kind of seemed too good to be true. The order took longer than I expected but the driver apologized and said his car broke down. Whatever, happens to everyone. The bud itself arrived in nice clean sealed packaging, was fresh and properly cured, no shake or trim in bag just proper buds. Great aroma, great flavor, and produced 21% returns on my rosin press. Definitely check them out if you haven't.

  • is the best of the best when it comes to online weed in canada. I have ordered from herbal dispatch, phat nug and a few others and hands down the 420sixty guys blow the competition out of the water. The $100 ounce of seaweed was 1000% better than what I have been paying upwards of $260 an ounce for elsewhere. is legit!!!

  • I have cancer and lost my appetite 18 months ago. The understanding staff are true gentle people. Honest, helpful to the max, and glad to see you!

  • love the vape pens, give great hauls and not a bad price. delivery was smooth and quick as well.

  • good shatter, solid prices, bud i ordered was fresh and potent

  • they have some great strains for anxiety, stress and relaxing

  • This place closed over a year ago

  • The phone listed says it is incorrect when I call.

  • I like this shop

  • Shit

  • My favourite place when I lived in Toronto


  • all good except one guy has big time BO

  • Do i need a lisence

  • I have 1 but can i come with someone who doesn't have their lisence??

  • Getting fucked in the ass with out a kiss afterwards, burning money, steeling, fraud, disrespect all things dealing with dho medicinal 2017 they have gone corrupt and must of developed nasty coke habits, because stoners stick togethwe and like to help there customers but dho is full of greedy little theifs.

  • Delta nine is the best at what they do. From the first day i walked in there a few mnths ago, i have consistantly gotten over a 1.2 or more and im thereb on a daily basis getting some of the best herbhash and edibalkes this city has to offet

  • Poor product, black market pricing.

  • Great staff & GREAT BUDS!!!!

  • Well for as they say on this page?? no its not legal.Short review is over priced for quality you receive,and there is no quality assurance,not even for impurities in the medicines.I recommend you do your research check out facebook and all reviews.If you go at right time they have variety,that being said there have also been times when they are out of stock as shipments were seized.(legal?).If you find something you like don't expect it to be available the next time you visit.It changes all the time,I presume they buy whatever they can and not from large growers.If you decide to buy do not expect and more then you would from a buy off the street other then perhaps variety.You pay your money(more then street prices) and take your chances.Again recommend research,and as reviews reflect if you have a issue with product/services do not expect any more resolution.And for those in wheelchairs and mobility issues,forget it there are 2 steps at Bank st locale.

  • Worse place ever felt with

  • best medical society in the west end of toronto!

  • Ordered at noon, received my meds at 1. Very very happy with quality of my flowers and my little jar is awesome. Thank you!

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