Sturgeon Falls Marijuana Doctors

Marijuana Doctor Reviews in Sturgeon Falls, ON

  • hi am so excited to see ALLEVI8 store and i was intrested to be there and i want to be one of the part of that

  • Good staff

    RasTmo reviewed Top Shelf
  • Friendly staff...Good deals

    Pat S. reviewed Top Shelf
  • Easy going friendly place! Clean environment, help always, staff are awesome!

  • They’re no longer at this location.

  • I have been going here for a couple months now. The budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable. I have tried a number of their strains,og kush (s) ,pink kush , og kush (I) ,blueberry lambs bread, gas ,blueberry jam,pg13. The og kush was the highest i paid at $60 a q . But well worth the money . Anything that has been recomended has always been exactly as i was told it was. I find the prices range from good to a little high . But in all fairness ,the quality has been there regardless of the price. An you MUST have a medical marijuana card from a licensed LP or a prescription. You wont get in unless your a legal medical patient.

  • Amazing helpful staff and all the product is the best around !

  • Just a question, are you guys still in business? I have been looking all morning and most places aren't even there any far i am finding weedmaps useless lol. If you are still open, is the number provided here still active and the one to call? Thanks.

  • Worst customer service Ive ever had. I was given a code for my first order. The code didn't work so I reached out to their customer service. The agent said she would put the freebie in my order. When the order arrived there was no freebie. I reached out the customer service again. Instead of helping me and try to make the situation better, the agent focused on arguing with me that it wasn't their fault if I didn't get the freebie ..... I mentioned to them that this was my first order in the hopes that they would to make thing abetter and retain me, but they didn't. They kept arguing and now have lost a customer after one order.......

  • Best deals around

  • Best deal ever on death bubba at $120 a zip! Smooth clean smoke and definitely gets you high AF! I recommend to anyone looking for a reliable / affordable source for quality buds online.

  • Fast xpress Delivery within Canada

  • My buddy recommended this site, I was skeptical at first and have never ordered bud online before, to be honest I wouldn't have tried if he hadn't sworn by this site. Ordered an ounce of Death Bubba with a promotional free gram of shatter for 120$+20$ rush shipping, which kind of seemed too good to be true. The order took longer than I expected but the driver apologized and said his car broke down. Whatever, happens to everyone. The bud itself arrived in nice clean sealed packaging, was fresh and properly cured, no shake or trim in bag just proper buds. Great aroma, great flavor, and produced 21% returns on my rosin press. Definitely check them out if you haven't.

  • I have cancer and lost my appetite 18 months ago. The understanding staff are true gentle people. Honest, helpful to the max, and glad to see you!

  • love the vape pens, give great hauls and not a bad price. delivery was smooth and quick as well.

  • good shatter, solid prices, bud i ordered was fresh and potent

  • they have some great strains for anxiety, stress and relaxing

  • This place closed over a year ago

  • The phone listed says it is incorrect when I call.

  • I like this shop

  • Shit

  • My favourite place when I lived in Toronto


  • all good except one guy has big time BO

  • Do i need a lisence

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