Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Albany

Dispensary Reviews in Albany, OR

  • Great knowledgeable customer service as well as the good product and prices and I will come back and relate to others, thank you Club Pitbull

    reviewed Club PitBull
  • Great customer service! Helped me with finding a strain that'll help me the most. I'm new to THC products so I need a lot of information. Chronic pancreatitis issue solved. Thank you going green!

  • I was very pleased with the quality of weed for the price i was paying! I got 5 Grams for $20 and it was some of the best $4 weed I've gotten. I usually get dark crunchy weed! They also had more than one or two options they had a whole case... Def will be coming back!

  • You are Great!! Not perfect but great and fun, don't forget fun! And helpful. I always learn a lot!! These are some good people, that's for sure. I'll be back again and again as long as they keep up what they are doing and selling quality marijuana and are updated on all the new information to tech us. :) Keep up the good work. Keep sharing the joy. Liz

  • Great

  • This place is rad! Feels like Corvallis with some of the best old school strains from local growers (and tons of new fire too!) and prices are solid. They said they have the best prices on oil in the state and from what I can see, they might be right. Diggin you Beaver Believers

  • I have been here a few times and the budtenders were very friendly and knowledgeable. What I like the most is the fact that while the prices seem high it's because they include the tax so they're actually pretty fair

  • Johnny was lovely, super polite. I called at 7:59pm and he was able to get my order to me by 8:30pm. I literally tried one of everything to just get a feel for these guys, and I loved the durban poison. Top notch indoor flower smoked super smooth and very potent. I am a sativa lover and it hit the spot! Great works guys I am excited to see Diem continue to grow.

  • Love this company!!

  • Fast, trustworthy, good quality bud. Will use again

  • Very helpful I will be back

  • Super friendly staff, made me feel like coming back.

  • Friendly and courteous service. Decent select on products.

  • This place is fantastic!!! I am happy to say!! The weed reminds me of my partying in the late 70s and 80s, I will go back.

  • It's awesome and knowledgeable staff

  • i am excited to take a tour tomorrow!!!

  • Very helpful and professional . Love Location

  • Good environment, prices and the service is great. No complaints here!!!

  • friendly knowable great medication

  • Exciting to see the live glass blowing

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