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Sweet Relief Port Astordam is your newest premier Marijuana Facility in Astoria Oregon! Sweet Relief is your premier Marijuana Facility in Astoria Oregon! Whether you are visiting for medical or recreational needs we are here for you! *Currently...


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    This is my go-to first choice place. I really appreciate the budtenders remembering what you like and/or need, it's just NICE going to a place where you actually get customer service.
    And do the proper thing and tip, people. Were buying weed, not groceries. Do I tip EVERY single time? I'd be lying if I said yes because sometimes I'm only getting 2 grams, BUT I ABSOLUTELY tip 4 outta 5 trips.
    Each time I (GET) to go IT feels like they are trying really hard to get your return business, and I just think that's a great thing. I've experienced that at both locations.

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    Friendly staff, knowledgeable and happy to answer questions.
    Plenty to choose from.
    I always look forward to shopping there.

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