Beaverton Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensary Reviews in Beaverton, OR

  • Horrible flower. Wack prices. Inconsistent products. Again-HORRIBLE flower

  • I love the door service the counter people I guess they're budtenders great service keep up the good work

  • The service was great the variety was awesome. But I live in Washougal and I just hope that you will come this way thank you so much and I hope for you number one.

  • Very professional and nice. Super fast delivery. Good vibes.

  • Super nice :) professional and

  • Love all.the staff. Friendly and not pushy close to my job

  • When I went in there it was excellent the staff was great attentive and very helpful I never thought I would learn so much from one experience oh and I'll definitely be back

  • Excellent Selections, very helpful staff & good prices

  • I will not go anyplace else I have been a patent for a few years with Eagles Nest and they know there stuff and the selection is great

  • Not helpful

  • These guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your site is lovely. Welcome to the Par-tay...but! While all of us who now can enjoy our new privilege, Let us Raise our New Choice to the old Folks that made it all possible. The sick, disabled, Veterans and "Boomers". The people who are still serving time. Lost time, lost reputations, etc. Those who followed through when it didn't seem possible. Everyone, like myself that a house of cards will not stand an ill wind. Use it all Wisely and as the sarge used to say 'Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!"

  • Love love Exodus! Staff, product, & environment are amazing!

  • This dispensary steals meds from growers. They take them on a front and then don't pay. Then they make threats and get pissed when you ask for you $. They have pissed off A LOT of growers in Portland. Please boycott and spread the word.

  • Called in my order got it in 2 hrs super friendly not a big selection but think they will soon.

  • Great variety! Bud tenders are very knowledgeable i will definitely be back

  • I am happy to have come inside and he able to tell me patients about your business, definitely will recommend.

  • amazing you must experience it to believe it

  • Top shelf meds, dozens of strains, hash, extracts, butter, baked goods, there was even chili while I was there. Chili! Maybe Lasagna tomorrow? This place will ultimately be responsible for thousands of people NOT taking dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Cannabis medicine is real, we know its real, and now thanks to Collective Awakenings, the people of Portland can access that medicine in all its variates and delivery methods.

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