Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls Dispensary Reviews

  • Delivery?

  • Yesterday Orange Turbo was $100 an ounce now today one day later it's $140 an ounce will not be coming here again will stick to Cloud 9 Wellness in Medford until a recreational dispensary opens in Klamath... I don't care if you were running low there's no reason for a $40 price raise a day later. Money Hungry. And your $60 ounces suck, for $35 you can get an ounce of shake from Rogue Valley Cannabis in Medford that's what Green Knotz is selling just for twice the price. A $60 ounce from Medford or Ashland is way stronger than a $100 ounce sold at this place. I read another review he said that you're spraying THC on the bud to give it a higher percentage if that's the case you will be exposed. I'm taking some your bud to Green Leaf Labs for testing. If you're spraying THC on the bud for a higher percentage I'll contact the news. All your prices are horrible $10+ for a little one hitter Pipe and $20-$25 for a grinder. Green Knotz doesn't post their menu online because they know their pri

  • It's BS that you have a business advertised that doesn't exist!!! Can you say LAWSUITS???

  • 2-6 Business non-existent. Please take this website down. Could have taken this time to drive to Medford instead of looking for something that is not here!

  • Can't buy if the business is nonexistent! Drove by...building appears empty, and a fax picks up when you call. Very disappointing.

  • Just wasted an hour following these directions... They lead to a school. Good prank, kids

  • Haven't I haven't yet been to your location I just moved here from Anchorage Alaska would love to find out a little bit more information about you and the phone number did not work

  • Enjoyable budget minded

  • SHITTY!!! I asked where I can buy RECREATIONAL Marijuana in Klamath Falls, Oregon and every place you listed says OMMP!!! This is BULLSHIT!!!

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