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Nectar is a dispensary with the consumer in mind. Nectar offers ADA access, we take credit cards and we offer daily specials. Nectar also has great prices. nectar PDX

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    I have friends that had business dealings with the millionaire owner.
    He didn't hesitate to cheat my disabled friends out of their mom and pop dispensary, on Stark St, in Portland, and didn't pay them a penny for their business. They are now broke,disabled, with no income, and will probably will lose their house too.
    This is how the millionaire owner does business. There are a lot of dope dealers around don't do business with these people.

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    Hi been to your dispensery several times. Sat. around noon I went in to your Mississippi location to submit my resume and cover letter. Tall man with short black hair working in medical area extremely rude. Would not except it. In a demeaning voice he told me to go to the web site. Also refuseds my Informationn. I was shocked at the treatmeant I recived.

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