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Med Quality
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Marion C.
6/26/2020 - 9:40AM

They sell defective cartridges. Tell patien “All sales are final” and it’s up to the customer to call Ilera Healthcare themselves regarding exchanges. When Ilera rep filed all paperwork and submitted it to Justice Grown, no the the useless pharmacist and the pea brain manage use every excuse in the book to not exchange necessary medication when the customer does what they say and Ilera tells them to accept the exchange. That’s bad business to take peoples money, sell defective product then hide behind locked doors and security to do absolutely nothing but make lies and excuses. It’s the business choice why they’re not accepting refunds which is far from how a dispensary operates. Call any dispensary and they tell you they’ll gladly exchange it. Yet for Justice Grown, they make up lies that it’s “State Regulations” which It’s not. No business has any business selling patients medication, then leave them high and dry when their product doesn’t even work. Shame on them for not doing what a REAL business or a REAL pharmacy would and that’s ensure the “PATIENT” gets the “PRESCRIPTION” they paid for.

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Billy H.
4/17/2020 - 5:36PM

Very sterol like a hospital