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HHCAZ is an association of caregivers and patients with a common goal of providing relief to MMJ patients and help them find the product that works for for them at discount donations. Always patient to patient, Always quality meds,and Always...


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    Great experience! Very helpful and friendly staff.

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    Site/app from where's weed need to update. There clients menu.. This site/app beginning too lose my short attention span .this review is cause of where's weed site/ app needs to update menus. Never had this problem with other apps. Iggy HHCGAz, thank you for the vape pen/ & that big bud/blue D, Sour Cheese, and the misc. Over the weekend

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    I really like Helping hand Caregivers, Services with the staff, there extremely friendly, & nice, that there's a wide selection of flowers, that reasonable donates. Also happy with the varies other products. The Homemade edibles are also great. Keep up the great work.

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