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First Time Patients

Preroll or Medible.


*  Call for Delivery or Stop in.  Parking available in front on 122nd or behind Wellness Center.  Take MAX or Bus 71, each stop within a block of the Center, 122nd and Stark, the area recently dubbed the "GREENBELT"....


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    The phone number is disconnected and the site has no up, I think this place might even be closed.

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    Your site is lovely. Welcome to the Par-tay...but! While all of us who now can enjoy our new privilege, Let us Raise our New Choice to the old Folks that made it all possible. The sick, disabled, Veterans and "Boomers". The people who are still serving time. Lost time, lost reputations, etc. Those who followed through when it didn't seem possible. Everyone, like myself that a house of cards will not stand an ill wind.
    Use it all Wisely and as the sarge used to say 'Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!"

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