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    professional butenders the best!!!!!!
    i have been a client now going on 3 yrs!!!! i have only been to one other dispensary!!! my first time there i had no clue what would be the best therapy treatment? the gentle man(josh or justin) sorry poor with names????? although if this review is read im the client whom had multiple surgeries ti stable a fractured neck!!! i had always had problems taking opiates for the feeling the opiates affects sense of losing control!!!!!!. a survivor of mental, physical, and sexual abuse that explains much of that!!!! the staff and bud tenders especialey josh!!!!i hope that his correct name!!!! not knowing anything about medical cannibis it didnt matter how busy the depensary was joh took all the time needed to educate me on what to get and quality!!!! very generous supplu at a very great price, and i always leave with a lolly and brownie!!! you all aer awsome!!!! and very perfessional

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