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$100oz donation,Rocklin,Roseville,Granite Bay,Loomis ,Auburn,Citrus Heights, Caring and compassionate collective providing quality medicine. Moms Meds Inc is a Non-profit Mutual Benefit Collective dedicated to providing qualified members safe...


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    Too long of a wait time other then that good but that wait is a big problem.

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    Decided to give em another try after having multiple unsatisfactory experiences and NOTHING has changed. The bud quality was not up to par nor anything like what I ordered based on their menu. It was dry, brown, and looked and smelled bad. The price for what was delivered was bunk as well.😕👎

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    Omg! Best experience ever! It was quick and easy. I had kidney stone surgery on Sunday and was unable to get to my usual dispensary and was almost out. I was in a lot of pain. I was ale to get verified quickly and had my meds within and hour. The driver was very nice and descreet in my "suburban" neighborhood. I love Mom's meds and will continue to order from them in the future. The meds were great quality and I loved the extra goodies in my bag!

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