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~~The Garden Grove Co., is a Mutual Benefit Cooperative founded in San Diego CA.  First and foremost, The Garden Grove Co founders, management and our volunteer staff, not only believe in the medicinal use of Cannabis, but also...


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    Excellent Herbage and the Lemon Laybackz are Excellent!
    First time customer review! Very impressed with the professionalism and presentation of the medicine. Very good, reasonably priced (much better deals than other collectives I've dealt with). Tried the Lemon cupcakes, which were extremely relaxing and very strong. Definitely coming back!

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    AMAZING! always amazing quality and service. LIKE FAMILY! LOVE IT!!!!!! I ate two of the edibles and felt like I was new!

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    Nothing but the best
    Been dealing with them for a while but now i can finally write a review. Quality is awesome, just picked up some XXX and i'm CSAT. Feel comfortable when dealing with them and they'll get many more referrals from me.

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