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We kindly service San Diego, East County, & North County.        Low Gravity is one of San Diego's premier PTP Mobile Dispensaries ready to serve our valued MMJ patients. Our commitment is...


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    Keith, the Black guy who owns and operates this so call mobile dispensary is a thief!!! Do not buy from this place or him!!!! The strains are pretty bad. He changes names on strains to make them more appealing but he is selling you bad product. I also heard that he steals products and then sells it here! He is the worst and giving this business a bad rap. My buddy had product and Keith stole it from him. He needs to be in jail or get a good ass kicking for STEALING product from folks. DO NOT BUY from Keith at all. You pay what you get for...... Shitty stuff for such a "great price" .... Duh.

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    There the best, friendly, fits in your price range even if you have a BIG bought :-D B-)

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