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Orders can be made 24/7 via our website...Orders received by 10am are delivered the same day by 5pm. Orders received after 10am are delivered the next day by 5pm.

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    Awesome! My first time using a vape pen
    Wasn't sure how I would like a vape pen, after trying it, I LOVE IT

    Gwen said I would love it because there is virtually no smell...she was SPOT ON!!! I can now walk out to my car, medicate and go right back to work. I'm far more productive when I'm not in pain so my boss is ok with it.

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    I am a 65 year old first time user!
    As a 65 year old first time marijuana user, they were informative and so helpful. Gwen spent at least an hour trying to explain to me how to use a vaporizer. Their approach is clinical but very sympathetic... thank goodness I didn't have to talk to what I call a bunch of pot head kids to get my medication. I will definitely be back!

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