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Welcome One and All to the Newest Collective on the Block. Here at Saddleback Meds we hope to offer you not only the finest quality of medicine to fit your budget, but to offer you the best customer service as well. Come on down...


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    I used to cook for these guys! I would bring in food to feed the crew and I got to know them very well. I was given a great opportunity by the owner. I was simply devastated when the cops raided the place on 4/20...I think it was in 2013. I loved every minute BBQing for the boy and the patients alike! I miss those day and look back fondly! Bless you all for helping all that you did and especially for eating all the food that I would work so hard on! Peace all! I will never forget you!

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    Do What You Say!
    Bought a Vape Pen. It stopped working after a month.
    Several different budtenders here have promised me a new one for over 3 1/2 months now...
    I've received absolutely NOTHING!
    Bottom Line, they're unreliable and lazy.

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    this place is the best!!!!
    special thanks to the homies Parker, Ian, Bob,maiah,& all the guys who hook me up fat!!! saddleback I love U!!!

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