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Welcome to HEMP in the OC we are a new medical marijuana collective located in Santa Ana, California. Our goal is to provide a secure, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, while accommodating all of our patients’ needs and schedules....


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    Were to begin ? .. I am a big time medicater .. I've been doing this for 3 years strong and have been into a grip of shops from Orange county to LA to Riverside and oh myyy.. First thing that happens when u walk in is you lose your breathe to the beautiful and knowledgeable women working in the front and how beautifully set up the place is.. As the nice looking gentleman took me in the back he introduced me into my hot ass budtender .. And then that's were the fun began .. At first I took a look at there top 3 Indies (Bubba OG, Skywalker OG, Cali Big Bud) and then I made my way to a couple sativas (Platinum Blue Dream, Greencrack) of which were all AAA++ .. After smelling, checking for trichomes and picking her brain on her knoweledge about these strains, I was hooked.. I took a gram of each and raced home .. as I popped the colorful containers open my kitchen was drenched in the aroma of a nice pungent, fruity smell that had me dancing in joy .. so after my celebration lol I rolled up a fatty and took my first chief of the bubba.. As I inhaled I tasted a nice earthy, pungent taste that was smooth and easy on my lungs .. so I held it in and exhaled.. it had a very nice undertone to it and a great burn as well .. So wow is all I have to say .. a great thank you to the hemp in the oc and a thumbs up to the staff as well .. AAA++

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    Top shelf sativas ! Loving that lemon Larry og perfect flower for daytime smells good taste better. Green crack kept me going all day and for a mid that chem dawg is yummy! Looking for quality sativas and outgoing staff? a must try !

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