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    My Favorite Place to buy.... Period
    The Atmosphere is Very Chill, not clinical. The owner has two places in Seattle, the other is called Galaxy. Lots of Vendors competing for you dollar, so you can look around or bargain for the best deal. Piles of Wax, Big Jars of Weed, people have lighted mag glasses to view the trichomes, lots of freebee and a nice contest every day at 4:20 with a basket for of goodies kicked in by All the vendors. One day I will win. I love this place.

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    I enjoyed my visit here. Nice quality buds reasonable prices! I would definitely recommended this to others!!! I also will be returning!

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    bodi sativa
    Killer green house meds at amazing donation prices! Edibles edible rick simpsons oil this guys got everything!

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