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    My favorite dispensary
    Seattle Quality started out in South Seattle and opened another branch in the North End. These guys are just the best... I have gone into them for medicine/advice/friendship a little over 6 months and they have seen me in every condition. The people who run this dispensary are just top notch people: they will trouble shoot your equipment (as long as you bought it there), they will try to sleuth out a particular strain if that's what I'm after and they just started carrying the BEST medibles I have ever seen: both in the quality of the ingredients (no preservatives, cereal or HFCS) and the intensity of the high are the best I have sampled. Since I was a beginner (who truly knew next to nothing) they didn't try to sell me a lot of useless junk (got to have that experience at another place) and they began to educate me. I'm very fond of all of the dedicated people who run this dispensary and help negotiate this entire maze of experiences I've had in the past few months. Thanks guys and gals at Quality. You rock and no trip to the Seattle area would be complete unless you visit this wonderful dispensary. Wait!!! There are only 5 stars???? Quality deserves an entire constellation.

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