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Wedding Cake



The Wedding Cake weed strain has become one of the most popular strains out there. Also known as Pink Cookies, Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s won multiple awards and is taking the cannabis industry by storm. This renowned cannabis strain’s parentage can be traced to Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cherry Pie. Wedding Cake has a mix of light green and dark green buds and can have a pink overtone with plenty of beautiful white trichomes. The Wedding Cake strain comes in with a high average THC content of nearly 25% or more - meaning you ought to be careful smoking this strain. With its indica-heavy parentage and high THC content, Wedding Cake is known to keep users on the couch. It is perfect for experienced stoners who want to relax and relieve stress along with a euphoric high. Wedding Cake is also one of the best weed strains for its smell and flavor, too. Like actual cake, this strain is sweet and doughy to smell and has a sugary taste with earthy and sour undertones. Wedding Cake features humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene terpenes.

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