Bubba Kush


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  • Bubba Kush from Dragonfly Provisions in Flint
  • Bubba Kush from MD Greenery in Oak Harbor
  • Bubba Kush from Cannxpress in San Diego
  • Bubba Kush from Caregivers For Life Medical & Recreational Marijuana Center in Denver
  • Bubba Kush from Hi Low Delivery in Santa Barbara
  • Bubba Kush from  in
  • Bubba Kush from Mile High Deliveries in Poway

Another must have strain. Bubba Kush has long but murky lineage going back to the Hindu Kush landrace strains. The bulky bud structure displays shades from forest green to pale purple. The heavy tranquilizing effects the strain has gained notoriety for are true classic indica: sleepy, happy and hungry. The body's concerns melt away to reveal a clear euphoric mind.

Bubba Kush Reviews

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