OG Kush


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  • OG Kush from 420 Delivery Club in Rancho Santa Fe
  • OG Kush from Mile High Deliveries in Poway
  • OG Kush from Lionheart Caregiving in Bozeman
  • OG Kush from PAPA's - Providing All Patients Access LLC in Cave Junction
  • OG Kush from  in
  • OG Kush from BEST BUDS in Henderson nv
  • OG Kush from Farmacy 420 Delivery in Orange County

OG Kush is a southern California baby and is the backbone of all modern West Coast cannabis. This is a historic high with aficionados demanding it’s praises be sung around the bong. The precise genetics are still under debate but there are many Chemdawg and Hindu Kush myths to discuss. Currently, you can find many different phenotypes of OG Kush including Alpha OG and Tahoe OG. Very potent, it’s lazy high is popular in the medicinal community. Double check your provider’s descriptions as some bring out OG Kush's opposite side.

OG Kush Reviews

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