Skywalker OG


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  • Skywalker OG from Yippie Hippie Cannabis in Las Vegas
  • Skywalker OG from PAPA GANJA in Lake Forest
  • Skywalker OG from  in
  • Skywalker OG from Mobile Friends 3Ten Association in Torrance
  • Skywalker OG from Lionheart Caregiving in Bozeman
  • Skywalker OG from Nature's Gift Shop in Pueblo West
  • Skywalker OG from To Make A Difference Collective in Fontana

Skywalker OG is popular as a medical cannabis strain for it's long lasting indica body effects. This hybrid strain has the strong aroma characteristic to kush strains with a touch of coffee and dark chocolate. Its great complex flavor adds to Skywalker's reputation as a great nighttime selection.

Skywalker OG Reviews

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