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While you’ve likely heard of kief if you listen to new age, trending hip-hop or keep up with the latest and greatest offerings from your local dispensary, it’s hard to tell exactly what it’s all about if you don’t do the proper research! Thankfully, we’ve got your back. We’ll break down everything you need to know about kief weed, whether it’s the effects, uses, or digging into what is kief in the first place! First, let’s cover the basics. Weed keif is the slang name for the collection of trichome crystals that come off the of the surface of your cannabis buds and collect in the grinder. Kief can come off any weed strain that’s still in cannabis flower form, and kief side effects are no worse than the normal cotton mouth, itchy eyes, and psychoactive effects of standard cannabis flower strains. So the answer to the question “what is kief made of,” the simple answer is that it’s a natural concentrate. Those trichome crystals are highly potent, a key reason why kief has been a cornerstone of making hash for thousands of years. Most weed keif is an incredibly high potency, ranging from somewhere between 50 to as much as 80 percent THC! While hash might be its most popular and widespread use, what to do with kief can be a bit of a challenge. Today, kief can be sprinkled into a bowl or bong, included in joints and blunts, or even just smoked on its own for an incredibly intense experience. The next time you head to the dispensary, grab some of your own and try it. Just make sure to ask the dispensary for the info, effects, and standard THC content of the strain the kief comes from. Collecting it is easy, and using it is seamless!

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