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Green Goblin



Green Goblin strain, not to be confused with the famous Spider-Man movie and comic book villain of the same name naturally has big shoes to fill for consumers. Thankfully, the strain does more than enough to do just that! Green Goblin has a tremendous amount to offer, from top-tier genetics to the potent cannabinoid-powered effects and scents/flavors while enjoying this strain. A fusion between Northern Lights and Skunk #1, this slightly sativa-dominant strain option is excellent for both medical and recreational patients. All and all, this fantastic and versatile daytime strain is an excellent option for those looking to kick back, relax, and smoke up with buddies and medical patients on the hunt for relief from issues like stress, pain, nausea, lack of appetite, or depression. So what exactly makes this strain so special? Well, it starts with its unique and potent cannabinoid profile. Packing between 18 to 24 percent THC and a little bit of CBD for balance, this strain is well-known for leaving users feeling calm, energetic, focused, and happy overall. Green Goblin is a top-shelf, high-THC option, the perfect pairing with activities like exercising, exploring nature, and easing stress prior to social events. On top of its recreational utility, Green Goblin is a great option for medical patients too! Commonly used by those suffering from anxiety, loss of appetite, and general nausea, a few puffs from a Green Goblin-derived medical vape or concentrate leave patients feeling euphoric, focused, energized, and awake! In terms of aesthetics, scents, and flavors, this strain also has a tremendous amount to offer. Featuring dense lime green nugs with tiny flecks of brown in the leaves, the Green Goblin strain has a pungent, strong odor of musky, diesel cannabis and flavors to match. Once the strain is lit up and smoked, users often report an aftertaste of menthol thrown into the mix on the exhale! No matter how you look at it or what name you call this strain, it’s got a ton to offer to anyone who gets their hands on it. From its potent recreational effects to its beneficial medical effects and classic skunky tastes and odors, Green Goblin should be near the top of your dispensary shopping list!

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