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Blue Dragon



If you’re looking for a top-notch strain that offers high levels of THC, unique genetics, and a variety of exciting aromas, flavors, and effects, then look no further than the lovely Blue Dragon strain! Whether it’s the hard-hitting cannabinoids, the potent effects that are great for medical patients and recreational users, or this strain’s top-notch genetics and hybrid nature, Blue Dragon is a top-notch strain with a ton to offer those who can get their hands on it! A hybrid indica-dominant crossbreed between Blueberry and the ultra-popular Sour Diesel, this potent strain is well-known for its creativity-inspiring, energizing, happiness-inducing, and uber-relaxing effects great for both medical cannabis patients and recreational users alike. To start our deep dive into this lovely strain, let’s start with this strain’s potent cannabinoid profile. Packing THC levels that can get as high as 24 percent, this strain is potent for even the most experienced cannabis industry OGs around. And all that THC goes to good use for recreational users and medical patients. Typically known for leaving users feeling generally euphoric and relaxed thanks to its indica-dominant hybrid nature, this strain’s hard-hitting cerebral high is great for recreational users looking to kick back and enjoy the uplifting effects and for medical patients dealing with issues like stress and anxiety disorders, general aches and chronic pain, and other qualifying conditions like general inflammation, migraines, and muscle spasms. And when it comes to scents and flavor, Blue Dragon is about as unique as it gets. Users typically report this strain has a smooth, smokey taste with flavor notes of berries, flowers, and even some cheesy notes. This strain is about as fragrant as it gets in terms of aromas! Blue Dream offers overpowering berry aromas with weedy diesel notes to round things out. All in all, this wonderfully balanced and sleepy strain has got something for everyone. Whether you’re a recreational user looking to kick back, smoke up, and chill out, a medical patient looking for relief from a wide variety of qualifying conditions, or somewhere in between; Blue Dragon has got something to offer!

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