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White Nightmare



From its potent parentage to its hard-hitting hybrid effects, aromas, and flavors, there’s a lot to love about the White Nightmare strain! But what exactly is the deal with this ominously named strain? Thankfully we here at Where’s Weed have your back with all of the in-depth White Nightmare strain info you’ll need, breaking down anything and everything you’ll need to know about this lovely hybrid offering. A cross between White Moonshine and Blue Dream, this heavily sativa-dominant hybrid offering is known for providing a blissful, elevating high with attractive scent and flavor notes. After all, with such high-quality hybrid genetics, it’s no surprise that this diverse and exciting strain brings a lot to the table for those who manage to get their hands on it. Aside from its eye-catching namesake, this strain is about as interesting as its gets when it comes to aromas and flavors. A strain with a thick outer coating of trichomes, making a grinder a necessity when prepping to spark this strain up, and flavor notes of sweet berries, earthy soil, and refreshing pine, White Nightmare is about as unique as it gets! The scents and flavors from this top-shelf strain make for a smooth and flavorful smoking experience with a sweet, creamy finish! And, of course, no White Nightmare strainer review would be complete without touching on this strain’s cannabinoid profile and profound effects. Coming in with around 20 percent THC on average, this strain is nothing to sneeze at in terms of pure cannabinoid power. Known for leaving users feeling energetic, creative, and generally happy, even delivering a trace or dream-like state of zen body high for some. No matter how you look at it, White Nightmare strain effects are more than enough for any recreational enjoyment you could ever want! We highly recommend getting your hands on some quality White Nightmare strain cannabis products from your local dispensary and giving them a try yourself!

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