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Best Selection in Tacoma !!! Stop by on Fridays and get a free Joint.Stop by on Fridays and get a free Joint.

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    Personally, I think this has got to be The BEST, or At Least, One of the Best, dispenseries in town!! It's By Far MY Favorite!

    To begin with, they were EXTREMELY helpful getting me my Licence! And in every possibly way!!

    Then, they always have Awesome Specials, and regular discounts!

    Plus, they are VERY knowledgeable and Courteous!
    They've Never sounded Snobbish when they try to explain things! 😉
    (Which, Very Sadly, happens 'All Too Much' in this Industry!!)

    Anyway, If you get the chance to visit this location, then I VERY Strongly Recommend that you do so!! 😎

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    I love this place i havent been going here long but everytime i come in i always get what best fit me they make sure im happy and always greet me with a smile try it you will love it

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