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    This place rocks! I will travel 35 minutes, if not longer because with high tax prices at a 50% rate marijuana can be highly expensive, but here you can buy an eighth of middle shelf for around $25 and top shelf for $35! None of this dirt weed, where are you have to smoke a dime for the marijuana to kick in! I suffer from chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia and use to go to medical dispensaries with my medical marijuana card and not a single bud can match to the product here! Not to turn this political or anything, but vote for Bernie Sanders as I believe that if and when he makes it into office that he will be able to convince the feds to approve medical marijuana and to lower tax rates as it's a win-win for everybody! Last time I checked nobody does crying after smoking a blunt lol if anything they rob the fridgerator haha enough about political stuff, but it's fair to say that this place knows how to provide customer service, good quality marijuana and affordable while still making a profit!

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