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Canna Cabana - Niagara Falls
9/14/2020 - 12:53AM

BEWARE! 1 gram pre-rolls may be shorted! I was once a regular at this establishment, however, not anymore after today's horrible experience! I purchased two 1 gram pre-rolls, the Subway Scientist and the Saturday Night Ghost Train Haze. When I returned to my vehicle, I noticed that the packaging for the Saturday Night Ghost Train Haze seemed off - the seal sticker wasn't fully attached. I thought that I was perhaps overthinking the situation and I went on ahead and opened the package. Upon closer inspection, it was clear to me that the package had be tampered with. The pre-roll itself clearly appeared as if someone has unrolled the tip, pinched product and re-rolled the tip - I've attached a picture of the pre-roll in question in comparison a standard dispensary pre-roll (specifically the other 'Subway Scientist' pre-roll I had purchased). I went back to the store for a refund, but I was told that no refund would be awarded and my integrity was put into question. I was told that the government regulations are essentially infallible, and that the only thing that could be done for me is a 20% off of my next order. I shouldn't have to spend more money just to rectify being sold a bad product; I should have been given a replacement or a refund on the spot. I showed both pre-rolls in the picture to the staff and even implored the staff the weigh the product, as this was not the first time this had happened... however I was told to contact the manufacturer if I wanted to file a complaint or come back in a week to speak to the owner if I had a complaint. I've never seen such incompetence and brutal customer service in my life. Will be taking my business elsewhere to the many other dispensaries that already are, or will be opening in town.