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Where's Weed user
7/7/2021 - 3:44AM

They dont have no real za . Jus bought sum gushers n sum Hawaiian berry n you can’t even get high off dis shit but Dem reviews tricking mfs DONT WASTE ur time & money slim

Where's Weed user
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12/28/2020 - 10:11PM

Real gass over there , I promise you that cotton candy kush some presssssss but sum of dey weed do taste similar to me but I only got like 3 strains from there n the C.C.K taste different n better than then the others but ima try dat London pound cake n berry pie next hopefully I get a new favorite but yea the legit an I only waited like 35 -40 mins 💯💯💯

Where's Weed user
11/10/2020 - 3:36PM

Just ordered 2 different strains from them an both where CBD not weed smh BE CAREFUL because from the reviews it look like they hit or miss an if you ain’t tryna gamble with your money go somewhere else