Where's Weed


Bait and Switch Tactics Sadly it's very gimmicky with their sale events. Literally, every BOGO/Sale event on the calendar on their site has a link that says "Order online and Skip the line" but when you do and complete the order online, you will receive a phone call within an hour saying we are sorry we cant honor that deal with ordering online and that you have to come to the store because as the associate told me "they management) wants you to wait in line". WTF dude then remove the link off your events page to "ORDER ONLINE AND SKIP THE LINE" if it doesn't apply?!?!? This location is not near me and I would be willing to make the trip but they seem dishonest and untrustworthy. THEN the audacity of this little B**** of a man handling express orders hiding behind the phone tries to raise his voice to me over the phone saying his manager is sitting right next to him and I lost it. They won't last with employees/management like this and I definitely wont ever be back. Don't walk ... RUN to another dispensary!

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