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WE SPECIALIZE IN HIGH QUALITY OG CLONES ONLY A COLLECTION OF THE BEST ""OG" CLONES UNDER ONE ROOF PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BELOW We apologize in advance for not having everything listed on our menu for walk-ins FOR...


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    Absolutely Amazing clones with top grade strains and genetics.
    I have relocated back to California and being able to buy clones is a real treat. I picked up my clones at the House of Clones display at the Urban Treez dispensary. The selection of popular strains was great.
    I am in the 7th week of Flower and wow, even an average Joe like myself can bring in a magnificent harvest.
    I bought a number of clones in 3 different strains and the whole process from Veg to Flower has gone incredibly well in 2 HPS Tents. If you start with a quality product you can’t lose
    Thanks so much House of Clones for providing amazing clones.

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    nice pant

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