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Anti-social stoners with dope gear. SIMPLE TEXT-TO-ORDER PROCESS: your choice of gift in detail photo ID & selfie to confirm DOB as well as legitimacy a delivery location and any accommodations We'll keep you updated on...


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    As a first time customer driving in from out of town, I was very nervous needless to say. I've been trying to find my "go-to" peeps and a lot of my experiences with this goal in mind have not been good.

    I am SO glad I took a chance and texted these guys. The man I talked to was very classy and courteous. IF he was annoyed by all of my noob questions, he was too much of a gentleman to show it.

    These guys are now my go to peeps and anyone who asks me will be sent their way. They worked with me and were very understanding of my having an hour drive to reach DC (not counting traffic) and when is there not traffic in this area? lol The delivery man was not the least annoyed that I was running 10 minutes late because of said traffic. He even provided a safe meet up place since I'm not familiar with DC at all.

    As for the quality, I can only speak for their vape carts since as I'm not a smoker I have no experience with their flower (I came late to weed and use it to treat my insomnia and crippling anxiety). Their carts are excellent and I've been very happy with them. Not too mention they have the best deals on carts from with I've seen in the area.

    TL;DR The ASSC rocks. Classy, helpful peeps with quality product and excellent customer service. You'd be crazy not to try them!

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    Stop browsing and order from ASSC— you will be anything but disappointed!

    Super high-quality (pun intended) products with a large variety and extremely friendly and responsive staff. The prices are competitive with great deals and little bonus freebies which show how this company is working hard to earn business and stay around.

    I haven’t ordered from anywhere else in months, and probably won’t again, because there’s just no need.

    Thank you for being you, ASSC!
    Happy tokes and much love! ♥️🌿

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    Anti-Social? Shit, should be called Anti-Gravity because the gifts they gave me had me on full float! 1st of all, it was wrapped like a legit present and I was like, whaaaaat? That. Was. Dope!
    Bob OG is DankTacular! Chunky Fresh Nugs...just how I like! The new cart they let me try had me time-traveling and those little jolly rancher things packed a friggin PUNCH.
    Driver could not have been more pleasant! Everything is right with this group. Thank you guys for a GREAT TRIP!! see yall soon!

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