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We ask all our first timers to please provide a photo ID with your date of birth for safety of our drivers and for age verification to make sure your 21 and over.

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    Hands down legit. On time. Held my order for a whole week til I was rdy for it. That I thought was very professional. These guys have the fire. Never been disappointed. I shall return definitely. Very easy to deal with too. Top 3 in DC for sure that I've donated to. Maybe the top considering price.

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    Ay these people showed up ASAP and I mean ASAP. Awesome price for the quantity and quality. They actually had the correct amount in my delivery unlike other companies who are sketchy.

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    I’ve ordered from Bagged Buds 3 times and each time they have been within 5 minutes of their delivery time, so they are very timely. They are very friendly and will answer any questions you have and their product is beyond amazing. The buds have been super fresh and of the highest quality. I will definitely be ordering again!

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