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It's Bob Marley Suns! We offer delivery and pick up. All deliveries & pickups require a $10.00 delivery fee. We also have a skip line option meaning you're the main priority! The delivery driver will come straight to you...


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    Their service is pretty decent and will do a decent job of replying to you and giving you answers. Nothing spectacular but nothing terrible. I have gotten their GG4 in the past and can say it's a great deal for the price. I've tried other O's for the price but the fact that they have had GG4 consistently makes them reliable for me as opposed to others.

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    Great experience all around! Delivery was right on time. Price and quality were both great! This is the fourth business I’ve tried and this has been the best for me so far. Definitely will
    Be returning.

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    I asked if the cookies were girl scouts

    Maybe cookie n cream

    Wasn't to pleased and I prefer indoor grown also

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