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With the best prices and quality in town. Looking to Donate and help our customers out in every way possible. 

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    Second Time was fantastic like the First. Definitely going to keeping going to y'all. Thanks again!

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    runs his shop well. shop owner was avail on Christmas day even though that person has a family like myself in others. I've visited numerous times. never been done wrong. shop owner even explained light dep. prices are amazing for the quality shop provides. the shop owner has been amazing and carried the business well. explained info, cut deals, gave me break on running late. I complained I was in the wrong about my order and owner was willing to look out regardless of not being wrong. that takes a strong and amazing owner.

    I've never been this...thankful in my life. if you haven't gone to the shop...smh do yourself a favor. I could toss names of other businesses. been there done that. the gifts are fresh. smell good. hit hard. the gorilla glue is 2nd fav. shop has had gelato that was amazing. green crack. all top name strains thc is on point.

    my apologies for fussing if you see this. youve done an awesome job keep up the great business and I look forward to visiting again.

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    Awesome shop

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