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Where's Weed user
7/26/2020 - 9:46AM

I’ve gotta say.... this is my first review ever. This company has more respect for their customers than you could imagine. Appreciation for my order, talking professionally, and thanking me for my business. They run this place like a medical office. Fantastic job. Oh, and the ‘gifts’ are fantastic. Best weed I’ve had in years.

Where's Weed user
7/28/2020 - 4:08PM

This company is my number 1 go to. They HOOK it up and beyond that. Care to make sure you get what you order. Their consistency, selection, and mission are clearly top notch! Don't pass this company up!!

Where's Weed user
7/25/2020 - 12:38PM

I swear these guys are the best around! Fast, great, communicative service! Hands down my new go to!

Where's Weed user
6/15/2020 - 12:34PM

COOKIE LINE UP 🔥💥 FIRE‼️ You can’t go wrong with my people here‼️ I tried gushers and Gary Payton, they have yet to miss! Real pressure. I got Phantom cookies and white widow along with the GP, everything was great‼️ They definitely now have a loyal customer‼️ See you all soon

Where's Weed user
11/8/2020 - 6:04AM

I’m celebrating our 46th President and shared it with Free Stuff!!! I shopped with well over 25 different service and the bud quality I received from these guys has been the best and I only find the best Exotic flavors here....I had the Lotus first time and it melted my face off rare Los Angeles strain and I came back around with the Blueberry Pie and this strain let me tell you...it taste so good I smoke it with a glass of milk 😂. The dispatcher is awesome he told me about the flower, and even sent a pic of the bud i was getting for my donation. They take great pride in there products offered here, the driver showed up on time and communicated with me, and my free gift was just as strong as my intended donation 🔥. Shop here if you want to get medicated properly. I can’t get more Cali then here unless I flew to LAX

Where's Weed user
2/11/2021 - 4:47PM

did a preorder and 45 minutes later still no response. never happened to me before. might give another try later but not a great first impression or service compared to other dispensaries

Where's Weed user
1/5/2021 - 4:21AM

Straight to the top of my list #1. Definitely worth the price has far has Quality and customer service these guys are by far the best in DC. Definitely worth trying out the lotus bomb it is the 💣 AAAA+ Status recommending them to all of my friends!!

Where's Weed user
12/28/2020 - 10:11PM

Real gass over there , I promise you that cotton candy kush some presssssss but sum of dey weed do taste similar to me but I only got like 3 strains from there n the C.C.K taste different n better than then the others but ima try dat London pound cake n berry pie next hopefully I get a new favorite but yea the legit an I only waited like 35 -40 mins 💯💯💯

Where's Weed user
12/20/2020 - 1:37PM

My new go to. Great communication, quality products at a great price! Dispatch communicated from start to finish flawlessly, driver was on time and communicated clearly as well. If there were 6 stars, these guys deserve it!

Where's Weed user
12/8/2020 - 5:20PM

I’ve been to a lot of these place in DC. Have to say this place was on point. Bud was fire. Driver was on time. Price was good! I’ll be back!!!