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First Time Patients

First-time patient receive free video recording.


Budtenders caters to those who prefer privacy and discretion in their Cannabis donation experience. We provide professional, speedy service, with a recognition of the importance of our clients time. Most deliveries are within an hour, with a self...


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    They have saved my life and I can call myself a survivor because of their service and dedication! Have helped me become a whole functioning person again! I am grateful for their service!

    Business reply:

    Thank you kindly for your review. Please let us know who you are the next time we meet.

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    Dr said I wouldn’t reach this birthday but I did and an strong and thriving thanks to great product and service! They have saved my life!

    Business reply:

    We really appreciate you. Docs won't guve you this because the Pharmaceutical companies ha e them in their pockets.

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    Another first-rate experience. On time, top quality, correct quantity, great value. Excellent communications. Thank you, Budtenders.

    Business reply:

    You're welcome and thank you for the kind review.

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