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First Time Patients

Max Delivery Time 1 hour within Washington DC $75 dollar minimum order. Please text us your full order. If you are looking to buy one of our deals please text us


We take pride in our products and the relationships we have with our members. We will never try to pass a low shelf product as a mid shelf, or a mid shelf product as a top shelf product. We pride ourselves on honest business and good...


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    I've ordered from at least ten different services in DC. These guys have to be the fastest delivery with the lowest cartridge prices.

    Business reply:

    Thank you so much for working with us!

  • -2

    Always the best prices in town for carts and speaking as a med patient, the variety of strains gets me through the day and the price is incredible. Ask about TKO carts cause I the bubble gum and banana kush are set me up for a gorgeous and yummy day❤️.

    Business reply:

    We really appreciate you business!

  • 0

    Great Purple punch and Gelato, they made time on a snow day to bring me my meds! Thanks so much I will be back very soon

    Business reply:

    WORDDDD !!!!!!

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