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PLEASE PLACE DELIVERY ORDERS; 30 MINS PRIOR TO CLOSING FOR DELIVERY. Delivery time zones based on size of the order! 100 or less is 3 hours max. 200 to 400 under 2 hours max. 400 to 800 1 hour max delivery time. All Sales:...



Capitol Kush is one of the most innnovative delivery services in Washington, D.C. has to offer in town. Fast-Delivery Services, Top-Shelf Strains and Amazing Discounts, Capitol Kush offers new strains & products weekly. Under our new vision from...


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    Capital Kush is by far the best delivery service out there - I have been using them exclusively for a good 2 years now and I have not looked back. I tried experimenting with some other local businesses but none could compare to CK's quality of product and exceptional customer service. If there is ever an issue (which there rarely is) they make sure to make up for it and work with you to ensure your satisfaction. I'll never go anywhere else - Capital Kush is simply the best!

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    I've been using Cap Kush as one of my go to delivery services in DC. First off, no one is beating these prices, because I have definitely checked. Drivers are always nice, bud is always super legit (I have yet to get bud that doesnt stick to my fingers/grinder) and the people they have taking the orders from you are top notch (lookin at you, Tom!). Its also a nice touch to get a screen shot of your order.

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    Okay, I have been with these guys from day one and they have never let me down. Real Talk Always TOP quality (I started smoking in 1976) so you know I do not smoke bs...ever. Great prices better deals for any pocket you have that day and the weight is always on point. Now let's get to the drivers... I love each and everyone of them , on time with a smile and they feel safe love em...the HQ stays in contact regardless if I order the day before or 10 mins before ...These guys are definitely my go to guys.
    Thanks guys and gals for all you do!

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