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Please text us at: 401-402-0247 We only offer top quality products. We offer a frequent customer rewards program. All NEW CUSTOMERS must send a picture of their valid, 21+ ID when placing an order.


  Delivery Hours- 10AM- 8PM Daily Please text us at: 401-402-0247 We have a $100 minimum for delivery orders.   We only offer top quality products. We are only accepting Cash donations at this time. Drivers appreciate...


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    I am no longer going to capitol danks *READ*

    I was a loyal customer to capitol danks for a good while and I have probably spent over $2000 with them. The bud was good in the beggining, but then, they started just getting random bud, and putting names on it. Example, Gelato #33, they released a hybrid and I bought it and the bud was definetely not Gelato #33, it looked like some medium grade bud, and it smelt like ass. I am not even kidding. Ass. I swear to God. So they get random bud, slap a name on it, and sell it to you. The Gelato #33 was not good quality bud either, well, it was honestly some decent mids.

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    These guys are by far one of my favorite places. Here is why:
    Bud quality is always superb, at worst you will get good quality bud, so price may not be the best advertise, but for what quality you getting, its defenitly worth it, or more economic, as better bud lasts longer.. Not once have i felt i have gotten cheated or taken advantage. You will never find a seed in their flower. Response is very quick, delivery is also quick and they give you an ETA very quickly and they are very punctual. These are one of the best guys in DC, try them out.

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    Bees knees hands down

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