About this Marijuana Delivery Service


Delivery Hours- 10AM- 8PM

Please text us at: 401-402-0247

We have a $100 minimum for delivery orders.  

We only offer top quality products.

We accept cash and credit cards.

Drivers appreciate tips!!

We offer a frequent customer rewards program.  For every $100 spent, you recieve one business card. (ex. 100-199- 1 card. 200-299- 2 cards)  Trade in 5 business cards in order to recieve a free $50 item from our menu.  When redeeming your cards, order total must still meet $100 minimum sticker order.*  

Everyday Cart deals- We do 4 full gram cartridges for $360 or 5 half gram carts for $225*

Daily Deals- (orders must be placed and confirmed between 10AM-3PM in order to recieve 10% off select daily products): Monday- Edibles, Tuesday- Vape Cartridges, Wednesday- wax/shatter/dab darts, Thursday- Flower*

*Only one deal/ reward can be redeemed per an order. No deal stacking/combining rewards and deals.  

*Order total must still meet $100 minimum sticker order

*Deals are subject to change


Please let us know if you have any questions!




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