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    Best prices I've seen and the friendliest customer service I've experienced. Consider me a return customer

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    I thought Odoyal ruled exclusively, but it turns out these guys do to. They've got my respecr and my business

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    Bravo! Five stars!!!🌟 Today was the first time we've done business with you, but I'm so glad we did, and it definitely won't be our last! I can't praise Cherry Trees enough! Rollin Stoner's WAS our 'go-to' place. .until they shorted us, and have lied to us (twice). .ignored and shunned us. I have seen where we aren't the only ones they have ripped off either! We Easily decided to try Cherry Trees. So glad we did!! They are very nice and very professional. .very fast delivery also!(scary fast, tbh lol) They have great deals, and t-shirts and free gifts come with every purchase. They also will work with you on Any kind of problem that may arise so that you both leave each other happy, satisfied and looking forward to the next time! They have lower prices than most, and better products and a much better staff! Everyone should definitely check them out! You won't be sorry! I would absolutely recommend them to Any and Everyone!! Very pleased with CT. ..and Definitely not so much with RS 😕 Cherry Trees will definitely hear from us every time we're in DC now! You're our new one and only 'go-to' delivery service! Loyal customers for life here!🙋 You actually restored my faith in humanity last night. There def should be more people like you in the world! 😍😘 Again,, thanks sooo much!!! ❤ See you in January! 😉

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